CyBall will launch on BNB Chain in January 2022, then Solana as soon as its smart contract capacity has proven to be matured enough for gaming.

Originally, the core team planned to launch on Ethereum. However, due to issues with gas fees and gaming scalability, BNB Chain and Solana were both chosen for their speed, low fees, and large user base. BNB Chain will be the first platform where CyBall core smart contracts will be deployed on, followed by Solana when it is fully ready. The CyBall game server will be the bridge that connects users on both chains and allows them to play against one another freely within the CyBall game environment even if they are on different chains.

We understand that BNB Chain, Solana and Ethereum all have their own drawbacks and have also been scoping out any other potential solutions should a partial or full migration be required in the future to ensure CyBall can expand sustainably. Other solutions currently being considered are:

  • Alternative Layer 1 chains

  • Layer 2 with focus on NFTs, such as Immutable X

  • Dedicated sidechain, similar to Ronin of Axie Infinity

  • ETH 2.0

While blockchain technology has introduced various benefits to gaming, we believe it is still in its infancy in terms of readiness for mass adoption, especially for fully decentralized game features. As such, we believe that a middle ground between decentralization and centralization can be reached, where tamper-proof ownership is always made public and transparent, while gameplay mechanics can be run off-chain on centralized servers.

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