Casual PvP

Users can enter Exhibition Mode to engage their CyBlocs into casual PvP matches.

This mode will provide a more relaxed, non-serious gaming experience where most users can practice, enjoy and earn some rewards as it will feature CyBall's primary Play-to-Earn mechanic.

CyBall's matchmaking system will ensure only teams of similar average overall ratings are matched against each other to create a fair playground for all users.

There are two types of Exhibition matches:

Exhibition 3v3 (Phase 1)

Exhibition 5v5 (Phase 2)

  • 3 CyBlocs per user

  • 6 key events

  • Costs 3 energy per match

  • Shorter match duration and lower rewards

  • 5 CyBlocs per user

  • 10 key events

  • Costs 5 energy per match

  • Longer match duration and higher rewards


To understand how a match is played out, refer to Match Engine Logic.

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