Mentoring Instructions

Instructions on HOW TO MENTOR

1. Head to the “Mentors” tab from the CyBall Web App

2. Select 1 or 2 CyBloc(s) to be used in Mentoring

3. Click ‘Approve CBT’, ‘Approve BUSD’ and confirm each transaction in your crypto wallet (requires enough BNB in wallet to cover gas costs)

4. Click ‘Start Mentoring’ and confirm the transaction in your crypto wallet. Ensure you have sufficient fees (CBT and BUSD) to cover the Mentoring fee as well as enough BNB to cover gas costs

5. Once the transaction is confirmed, the newly minted CyPod from Mentoring can be found in the CyPods tab. This CyPod can either be sold on CyBall’s NFT Marketplace, or, upon waiting for 5 days, be opened to reveal a brand new CyBloc

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