A Showdown is a sequence of 10 penalty kicks (PKs) occurring at the end of a match in the event of a tie, where players take turns shooting and goalkeeping.

Which user starts as the shooter and which user starts as the goalkeeper is random. For each PK, there should be text above the goalpost indicating whether user is shooting or goalkeeping. The users swap roles with each PK so that each user gets 5 chances to shoot and 5 chances to defend.

Each user privately chooses Left, Up, or Right before each shot is taken. The users share a 7-second shot timer for each shot to make their respective choice. Each choice is its own button indicated by a directional arrow.

  • If shooterโ€™s choice = goalkeeperโ€™s choice, then the goalkeeper saves the shot and no goal is awarded.

  • If shooterโ€™s choice โ‰  goalkeeperโ€™s choice, then the shooter scores and their team earns a goal.

  • If a user doesnโ€™t make a choice by the time the shot timer runs out, then the game automatically chooses Up for them.

Each user initially has up to 5 shot opportunities in a Showdown, where the users alternate as the shooter and goalkeeper. The win conditions are as follows:

  • The user has more goals than their opponent by the end of the 10 PKs.

The perspective changes for Showdowns to a view of the goalkeeper in front of the goalpost. The three directions (Left, Up, Right) are shown as buttons inside the goal for the user to choose. When a direction is chosen, it glows until the shot clock runs out or when both users have made their choice. The opponentโ€™s choices are not shown to the user until the shot is taken.

Sudden Death

If the users are still tied after the 10 Showdown PKs have been taken, there is a single bonus Showdown round which is called Sudden Death.

A Sudden Death round consists of a single PK - one side will be shooting and the other will be defending.

If one user scores in a Sudden Death round (while the other user fails to block the shot), then the user who scored wins the match.

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