Ladder PvP (Coming Soon)

League mode is where users compete to rise to the top of the ladder. This mode runs season by season and may be split into multiple levels to cater teams of different ratings.

To enter, users must create and register their teams of 7 Cyblocs (5 starting and 2 substitutes) at the start of a season. These lineups will remain unchanged throughout any particular season.

At the start of every scheduled league match, team owners are required to choose which 5 CyBlocs will participate in the match and which 2 will sit on the bench.

At the end of each season, teams will be rewarded, as well as promoted or relegated according to their results.

League Mode (Phase 2)

  • 7 CyBlocs per user - 5 Starting and 2 Substitutes

  • 10 key events

  • Runs season by season

  • Scheduled matches which cost no energy

  • Higher rewards than Exhibition mode


To understand how a match is played out, refer to Match Engine Mechanics.

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