๐Ÿ’ซMatch Engine Logic

Match Flow

  1. There are a number of Key Events (rounds) in a match with an equal amount in each half (Exhibition 3v3 will have 6 Key Events in a match or 3 in each half). Each Key Event is either Solo or Tandem (meaning either 1 or 2 CyBlocs from each team must participate), and either Single Skills or Dual Skills (meaning either 1 or 2 specific Skills are used as criteria in determining the results of the event).

  2. At the start of each half (before Key Event 1 / Key Event 4 is presented in Exhibition 3v3), each user is prompted to select their Strategy for the upcoming half. The total Match Balance is calculated based on the Strategies selected by both sides, and subsequently each goalkeeper's maximum RNG range for its Shot-Stopping Rating that half.

  3. Each user is dealt an equal number of Tactic Cards at the start of the 1st half (6 cards in Exhibition 3v3), and begins with a certain amount of Tactic Power which is used to play tactic cards (4 Tactic Power in Exhibition 3v3).

  4. Before each Key Event, users are presented with the relevant criteria (Solo/Tandem and Single/Dual Skills).

  5. Users then have 30 seconds to select which 1 or 2 CyBloc(s) from their team of 3 to participate in the Key Event, as well as which Tactic Card to play that turn if they have enough Tactic Power and wish to play one. Each user can make their selections in whichever order theyโ€™d like.

  6. Any temporary Skill rating boosts from Traits and Tactic Cards will be accounted for and updated in the CyBloc cardsโ€™ info.

  7. Users must click a "Ready" button to lock in their selection for that Key Event, or else the game will choose their CyBloc(s) randomly if the 30 seconds have passed (no Tactic Card will be played - only CyBloc selection will be randomized).

  8. An order of operations determines which Tactic Card takes effect first if both users use a Tactic Card. The game then refers to the Key Event criteria to compare the total Skill ratings of the two teams (between the participating CyBlocs in that Key Event only) and calculate the difference in total Skill ratings.

  9. The game will also randomize the GK Shot-Stopping Rating for this Key Event, plus account for any Tactic Card effect. If the difference is lower than or equal to the GK Shot-Stopping Rating, the Key Event will result in no goal (a draw). If the difference is higher than the GK Shot-Stopping Rating, a goal is awarded to the team with the higher total Skill ratings.

  10. If a goal is scored, then a goal-scoring animation will be played on the field to indicate the result of the current Key Event.

  11. The goal scorer is the CyBloc with the highest total Skill rating in that Key Event on the scoring team. If the event is a Tandem event, the CyBloc with the lower total Skill rating will be given an assist. If both CyBlocs have the same total Skill ratings in the Key Event, then which one scored/assisted is random.

  12. If a CyBloc had entered the previous Key Event, it will be subjected to a cooldown effect called Exhaustion for a duration of 1 Key Event where it suffers -10 all Skill ratings for the next Key Event (unless a Tactic Card is applied such that there is no cooldown).

  13. At Half-Time, in which the board is re-initialized, Strategy must be re-selected, any lingering Tactic Card effects end, any Exhaustion is eliminated, and each userโ€™s hand is replaced with new Tactic Cards.

  14. Whichever team has the most goals by the end of the last Key Event, wins. If the score is tied at the end of the match, the users go into a Showdown to determine the winner.

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